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Revival Jazzband Prag
"From East To West"


Bei mir bist du schön

Der Jakobiner



Opus V

Russian Ballad No. 2

There is a tavern in the town

After you’ve gone

Some of these days

It had to be you

Peter’s Blues

Revival Jazzband Prag "From East To West" LP, October 1974
Produzent: by Heinz Ulm
Zdenek "Sid" Kucera, Jaromir Senfluk, Vladimir Matejka, Malcolm Wirth, Frantisek Petrus, Peter Steffen, Emil Heer, Jaroslav Tichava

Founded in 1960, the Revival Jazzband Prague won the Prague Pop & Jazzfestival in 1964 and played on festivals in Vienna, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Zurich. In 1968 the band went professional and since 1972 resides in Switzerland. Zdenek Kucera about his band: "Our formation differs in essential points from other bands. We try to avoid the usual cliches and not merely copy the solos of established musicians. We prefer to play our own solos, and vocals take an important place in our repertoire."


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